Part II: The Two Imperative Questions You Must Ask in order to Make New Year's Resolutions that

When there's something you haven't done yet, the reason you haven't done it yet is usually not because of your lack of resources. It's usually not really because you don't have the talent, the time, the money, the right body for it or, whatever. Nope. Not really. Not truly. The real reason is because you may not have addressed two important questions that are what really, when push come to shove, make it tough to follow through.

"Dang, Holly! You're gettin' all up in our business now with these New Year's videos!" Yep. I'm asking you to get real and confront what's really going on with you year after year. And to do that, I pull out the BIG questions.

I find that there are two supremely important questions that most of us forget to ask, or conveniently ignore, before making a New Year's resolution, that COMPLETELY SABOTAGE our ability to be able to follow through with our dreams. If you'd like to get real with yourself and actually tackle your dreams honestly, then watch this video to find out what those questions are:

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