Learn to Master the One Thing That Matters Most

Have you ever felt overwhelmed as a flamenco dancer? Like even with all the years of studying and practicing when it comes time to actually dance to live music that there are just too many moving parts to keep track of? I know how this feels because for many years I've struggled with the feeling that I would never "get it" and never feel able to dance with live music. I brushed this off as something I would simply have to live with - other teachers told me I would never really "get it" because I wasn't Spanish or because I wasn't gitana. I held myself up to ridiculous standards and used the harsh opinions of others to squash my own trust in myself. Even as I performed on professional stages and became a better and better technical dancer, I kept myself in a low grade of personal torment. But it wasn't tolerable and I knew there had to be a better way.

Finally, after years of searching for answers in the world of arts therapy, I discovered a way to focus that, when I practice it, gives me complete clarity and the ability to not only dance with live music, but to BE the music. Not only can I dance with a cuadro, but I can FLOW FREELY with a cuadro in a delicious co-creative experience. You see before, I had been doing what so many of us flamenco dancers try to do. I was trying to master EVERYTHING and as a result, I mastered NOTHING. Then I discovered how to master the ONE THING THAT MATTERS MOST.

One of my favorite things to do in the Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensives is to simplify all the moving parts into the one that matters most and to transmit that knowledge and understanding to participants.

As with all Deeper Lab workshops, there are unique discoveries which unfold from the energy of the dancers who come and take the challenge. Not only is this a learning experience for you, but the work takes itself further through YOU!

It's not too late to come and join in the momentum of this leading-edge flamenco experience. I look forward to sharing the space with you and witnessing the transformation!

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