Flamenco Has Always Told the Stories of the People. . . isn't it time you told yours?

Looking at this picture from one of my Thirsty Bear performances, believe it or not, makes me cringe; but it also reminds me of an important turning point in my flamenco career. It was taken during a really challenging time in my life where there were many crazy things going on. I was totally broke, losing my home, working a crap temp job, had just gained ten pounds so none of my nice costumes fit, and for some baffling reason like a cruel cosmic joke I was finally getting asked to do tons of flamenco gigs. Just when I had no time to practice my technique and be really "good," I was being asked to perform all the time. Even though I had performed on hundreds of stages before to thousands of people, I had never had to show up so under-rehearsed. Talk about performance anxiety! And here I was, a coach to artists with performance anxiety, and now I was IN THE RABBIT HOLE myself!!!!! But it was through all of this that I found an even deeper connection to my artistry. I realized my relationship with flamenco wouldn't always be one of perfection, but it could still be relevant. I remember at this performance, Kerensa de Mars, turned to me and said, "There is something a little broken about flamenco, Holly, so it's ok. It's about the hard stuff too, you know." I think I must have hugged her for that. That night I went out and stood in my worth, right from where I was, and I told MY story. I let the heartache, and grief and heaviness flow through my dance. I don't know that it was poignant for anyone watching, but I know it was for me. This picture reminds me of why I teach the Deeper Lab. Why I feel like this work is important in our flamenco community. And this little note, is me telling you, please don't wait until you're perfect. You'll never be. Start sharing your story now.




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