When I realized I needed a game-changer

I remember when I had been taking flamenco classes for about ten years and I realized I would never get the imaginary "golden permission slip," from anyone else to actually dance it. The permission slip didn't exist - not in any form. I was doing something that started out as a passion, as a devotion, as incredible fun and it had derailed somewhere into anxiety and perfectionism. It didn't matter how many cool pairs of shoes I owned or classes I took, or trips to Spain, the number one thing that was missing was. . . Me. I had to pay the piper and bevy up to the bar of my own self love and look that broad in the eye. She stared back miserable. I had to get her out of there.

So I began dancing again, other dances - modern dance, capoeira, taking somatic arts therapy classes. Learning different ways in. All leading back to the place inside of myself that gave out the permission slip. The permission slip that really mattered most.

The best thing that evolved out of this was The Deeper Lab flamenco intensive. Created to provide a space for dancers to return to themselves, feel alive when they danced, permitted, and inspired. Is there any other way to do flamenco?

I remember a dancer who took the Deeper Lab Rhythmic Improv class last year. She told me she had studied for fifteen years and never had experienced anything like the freedom she felt in my workshop. Her face lit up as she danced for the other participants in the day's final circle. Her escobilla was emaculate and there was pure joy and grace on her face as she interpreted the music.

If you are a "professional student" of flamenco, or are just looking for a reconnection with your artistry, you should come join us next Saturday. It will change how you approach the stage and every other class, I promise.


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