What Does It Mean to "Make It" as an Artist?

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a "Thriving Artist." As I've spent most of my life onstage, on film, and in the dance studio, I've grown to know and adore so many artists who are so committed to what they do, but also broke. They depend on family or spouses to "get by" - usually they've been cornered by concerned family members (around the holidays, am I right? so let's all brace ourselves!) and been forced into that talk - you know the one - where the concerned family member says, "I'm just worried. I know you're really talented, but do you really think you can "make it" as an artist?

Now, in my opinion an artist can thrive and "make it" on many different levels: there is always money, yes, oh yes - let's have more of that! But there are also things just as important that keep us going like opportunities, interesting projects, spaces to work in and great people to play with, community that supports us, a connection to our passion, a deep sense of worthiness, and resources to help us get more of all of the above.

And yet these words keep falling from the mouths of artist all around me:

"I just really want to 'make it' as an artist."

"It's such a struggle to try to 'make it' as an artist."

"I feel like I'm missing some of the secrets to really 'make it'"

It's one of my biggest missions in life to help create a clearer pathway to that mysterious "make it" dream. But first, I feel like it would be a really useful discussion to have. . .

What do we really mean when we say we want to "make it" as an artist? And what does "making it" look like for youspecifically?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

These questions will be the focus of our audience discussion at LAUNCH! Thriving Artists on December 29th! I hope you join us and join the conversation!

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