From the Moment Your Foot Hits the Floor

From the moment your foot hits the floor in taconeo, you are no longer just a dancer - you step into the action and become an instrument, a main player, a driving force in the momentum of the cuadro. In that moment you decide to make a sound it's important to be decisive, yet responsive to everything around you.

In my upcoming workshop: The Deeper Lab Rhythmic Improv for flamenco dancers, we will devote four weeks to developing the confidence and decisiveness that will allow you to really BE the music. For four Mondays in May you'll make noise, and get out of your head and into your feet!

The Deeper Lab is all about huge transformation and digging in. This approach is not like any other flamenco workshop you might take; Its' special format is designed to include exercises that challenge dancers while providing an atmosphere of safety and support. Students tend to go really really deep really really fast!

Here's what students are saying:

"Where before I always felt like I was this empty vessel wanting to receive information from everyone around me, now I'm realizing that I have knowledge within myself to start creating." -Deeper Lab Participant

"After attending this workshop, I feel a deeper commitment to myself as a dancer." -Deeper Lab Participant

If you want to experience a more personal and deep connection to flamenco dance, then join me Monday nights in MAY! and

Get out of your head and into your feet!

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