Learn the inner workings of escobillas, llamadas, sobidas, silencio, palmas, different palos, musical accompaniment and more in a whole new way meant to build your personal relationship to flamenco. Every Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensive uses and teaches The Creative Formula, uniquely developed for The Deeper Lab which is devised to unlock your fullest creative potential.  Learn how to overcome the  hesitation and finally put your flamenco dance training into action!


Explore what really moves you! The Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensive gives you the opportunity to use the dance movement you already know! to begin dancing and creating with others from THE INSIDE OUT.  Explore how flamenco moves you, why you choose to share it, and empower yourself to dance it fully, deeply enjoying flamenco in a way that makes you come alive. Find freedom with your artistry and new depths. . . 


Connect with other dancers and musicians in a new way.  The Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensive creates a safe atmosphere that simultaneously supports and holds you, yet sets you free. One of the most important components that makes this idea work is the incredible exercises that provide a framework for you to connect, give feedback, and work with fellow dancers and musicians in a compassionate, productive, meaningful way. Meet other brave artists taking the same journey.

"A Place to Explore What Really Moves You"