"Where before I always felt like I was this empty vessel wanting to receive information from everyone around me, now I'm realizing that I have that knowledge within myself to start creating." - Kelly Kovanis, Deeper Lab Participant

Flamenco Alchemy
Turn Your Passion into Gold!
      Flamenco Dance Intensive with Holly Shaw and La Tania
      Friday, June 10th - Sunday, June 12th



Join La Tania and Holly Shaw for this special exploration of what it means to "be flamenca." Diving into the aire and the meaning of the movements, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the emotions of flamenco from their historical as well as personal significance discovering the ways that flamenco unites us all.  You’ll get:


  • ·         Historical Framework and a deeper understanding of the fascinating and rich roots of flamenco

  • ·         Tools & Techniques for exploring flamenco movement from it's emotions . . . from THE INSIDE OUT

  • ·         Create your own Martinete section, crafted by you with the help of The Deeper Lab

    • Coaching and Personal Feedback in a supportive atmosphere held by two experienced teachers focused on bringing out yourhighest potential!

  • ·         Long-Lasting Shifts in Awareness, Performance Abilities, and Artistry


La Tania, a master teacher who spent her childhood in Spain and has won numerous awards and fellowships including a Choreographer's Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and an Isadora Duncan Dance Award for Individual Performance, joins forces with Holly Shaw, a contemporary flamenco dancer and Creative Coach who has coached hundreds of performing artists, had her own choreography commissioned by the Westwave Festival and hails from a lifetime of performing in film, television and on international stages.


Together they will lead this three day intensive and exploration of "what makes flamenco flamenco?" through dance, writing, music, discussion and more.  Students will leave with a deeper more personal connection to flamenco and feeling like they are dancing "from the inside out." As in true alchemy, you will harvest the emotional gravitas from your own life and turn them into the gold of flamenco expression and artistry. Learn more by visiting the Eventbrite page.

Rhythmic Voice  
Let the Rhythm Speak Through You!
      Flamenco Dance Intensive with Holly Shaw and Clara Rodriguez
      Friday, February 5th-Sunday, February 7th, 2016


Have you ever wished you could have the feeling of “letting go” when you dance flamenco? Join us this February for a workshop carefully designed to help you break through your blocks and get your creative juices pouring into your dancing again!

This three day workshop is devoted to rhythm and creating a dialogue between your own personal rhythms (in life, in body, in communication) and your unique flamenco dance style. Using writing exploration, technique, creative play exercises, discussion and more, you will learn how to utilize your rhythmic expression in an improvised flamenco setting and come away with a greater connection to your own personal expression of flamenco dance.  You’ll get:

  • Tools & Techniques for exploring flamenco movement from THE INSIDE OUT   

  • Palmas Tutorial for bulerias  

  • Your own Bulerias Tapado Section, (a largely unaccompanied and improvised form that puts your rhythmic voice front and center)  – crafted by you with the help of The Deeper Lab.    

  • Personal Coaching in a supportive atmosphere held by two experienced teachers focused on bringing out your highest potential! 

  • Artistic Style, An In-Depth Exploration: What drives you to do flamenco? What makes you unique? 

  • Rhythmic Fluidity - learn the secrets of how to be the music 

  • Long-Lasting Shifts in Awareness, Performance Abilities, and Artistry       





Create Your Flamenco Story


Explore your own stories and personal mythology through writing, flamenco, dance, rhythm, and music in this Deeper Lab Flamenco Dance Intensive. This workshop includes an in-depth look at the structure of a flamenco dance and how it relates to storytelling.  Participants have the opportunity to explore, share, and finally dance their own stories. Powerful shifts can happen in this exploration of narrative through movement - to your relationship with the dance and shifts within your own personal life patterns. A rich experience to shine the light into the dark corners of your life and deepen your personal relationship with flamenco!

Visit the Eventbrite page for more details

Hone Your Style


A complete immersion into the exploration of your own unique artistic style!  What drives you, what moves you to the study of flamenco, and where does your artistic voice want to grow?  Artistic Voice can be like a golden compass that gives dancers clarity, form, direction, and unity to their dance.  This Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensive includes an exploration of aire, marcaje, and bulerias, as well as writing, reviewing video of well-known flamenco dancers, learning, and discussion. An opportunity to free yourself from competition - as this workshop takes you deeper into your own style, you will find you exist in a category all your own!



A follow up to the week-long Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensive, ReSurfacing gives participants an opportunity to go back to the tools they previously learned, explore them more in depth, and have the opportunity to ask questions and build on their post-DL experiences. ReSurfacing is the work we do after we go deeper, take our selves out into the world, and then come to a new place where we are looking for more. . . 

Go Even Deeper . . . The Week-Long Intensive

The Deeper Lab Flamenco Intensive
Week-Long: Total Transformation


In this week-long Deeper Lab, dancers will have the opportunity to really sink in with the material and have an experience that creates long-lasting shifts in awareness, performance ability, and artistry.  Through movement technique, creative play exercises, writing, and discussion participants explore a different piece of the flamenco dance structure each day ending with a final performance for friends and family (optional).  In the week-long intensive it's possible to cover more material in depth: